About Mary Moeller

I began looking through the lens of an SLR camera in 2008.  Prior to then,
I "took pictures" with the typical point and shoot unaware that I just might be
capable of developing an eye for the aesthetics of photography.

What changed in 2008 was a trip to India. the destination was exotic and 
I simply wanted to remember the adventure with good images.  Mission
accomplished.  The images became memorable and the power of the photos
launched my curosity to discover more about my new found ability.

Images of people are now my primary interst in photography.  Not only am 
I fortunate to meet new friends and learn about their lives, I am able to
communicate their stories through my photographs.

As a developing artist, I have learned that I must understand my "tools".
A wonderful mentor/tutor, fellow photographers, workshops and college
courses are preparing me to see a new world.

I will be forever respectful of the insight I have gained from the people
whom I have met through my camera.




Lori Adams:

    My mentor, my tutor, my friend



Michael Sibilia:

   Always a nudge to grow and expand



Lisa Dellwo:

    Encouraging words fill her vocabulary